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Museumpark, street roller skating or ice skating

Posted in Architecture, Art, City, Nature, People

Museum Park at night. Awesome location near Boijmans van Beuningen museum, De Kunsthal and many other nice places to visit in the Witte de With area. On this picture you see the new Park area, which is renewed because of a massive underground parking pace, and also a high tech water management basin. To avoid streets turning into rivers during massive rainfall, the City of Rotterdam has build several huge underground temporarily water storage basins. In case of flooding or heavy rain, these basins have enough capacity to store all the water, and slowly release it to the city sewerage after the rain, so the city drainage system wont get overloaded.
The Museum Park is a little less nice now, but the expositions and museums in the area make up for it. And it looks like a street ice skating area with some potential. Roller skating is done daily here, so be sure to check it out.